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If the movie doesn't play automatically, you may need to install the proper media player.

In no time you will be able to view web movies with no problems.  If you are on a slower dial-up connection it may take a minute or so before it will start playing.  If it just isn't working you may need to download a free new player that supports either .mov or .wmv files.

1. Download a Player

Windows Media Player or Quicktime Player

 2. Download Vortex Tour Movie
To save the link as a file on your computer, right click or 'Ctrl' click and select 'Download Link to Disk' (Mac), 'Save Link Target As..' (Win), or 'Download Target of Link..." (AOL) This prevents your web browser from opening the movie file as a webpage.

VortexTour.wmv (Windows Media) or VortexTour.mov (Quicktime) 

 3. Watch the movie
Once the movie has been downloaded, double click it and it should open in your new player.